Ger Staunton

Ger Staunton

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Royal Theatre Castlebar

Ger returns to his hometown for his biggest show to date. For one night only, Staunton plays The Royal Theatre in Castlebar, in what is sure to be a memorable night.


Martin Angolo and Ger Staunton are two of the most exciting comedians in Ireland today. They tour regularly throughout Europe, the UK and the USA, while also hosting their own podcast ‘Canary in a Comedy Goldmine’. Catch them both for one night only in Barcelona this October.

The Independent

"A rising star who has creased sides in the UK, US and mainland Europe. The Castlebar native creates a tempo all of his own, unpacking his deadpan, immaculately woven anecdotal riffs with a smooth pace and a dark twinkle that has no qualms about upsetting safe sensibilities (as all comedians should)." - 04/01/2020

Short Film

Ger Staunton stars in a darkly comic relationship drama, The Flight to Memmingen (2018) tells of the rise and tragic demise of standup comedian Dave Murphy. He just wants some peace to write his famine sitcom. Watch Ger's acting debut below.


“One of the best comedy writers in Ireland.”

- The International Comedy Club

"Incredibly funny"

- The Examiner

"Weaving stories in the true tradition of Irish comedy. Outstanding"

- Cosmic Comedy, Berlin

“Immaculately woven anecdotal riffs with a smooth pace and a dark twinkle.”

- The Independent