Canary in a Comedy Goldmine

A weekly podcast where Irish comedian Martin Angolo runs his new, topical jokes past his unenthused but trusted sidekick and fellow comedian Ger Staunton, before deciding if they are fit for the comedy stage and the public.

Ger Staunton | Craic Den Comedy Club Podcast Ep #51

Ger, Eddie & Damo chat about the world's worst pint of Guinness, how bad do you have to bomb onstage before you quit comedy and going to an Irish pub in Iraq.

Football Pony 5 | Hello Stevo Podcast Ep #78

Loving football is often associated with one team or one club, but what if your love was purely of the game and the culture around it? What if you did even care what the score was? Ger Staunton is a fantastic comedian and in this chat he is full of football stories that brought him on journeys around the world ending in pints with Colin Farrell and becoming the President the supporters club of.... Welcome back to Football Pony.

Tom O' Mahoney's 'Buckshot' - EP 81 - Ger Staunton

This week I sit down with the unbelievably funny Ger Staunton. We ramble like two grumpy blokes heading for middle-age into stories of bad-haircuts, overly worried audiences and seeing our faces on soft-furnishings.

The Mike Rice Show - Ep 43: Ger Staunton is Makin' Somethin'

In this episode I talk to Ger Staunton, one of the best comedians and writers of comedy in Ireland. We talk about Tik tok, Comedy, growing up in Castlebar, Painting, and making things.

Ger Staunton: Pints, Peace & Quiet. It'll be Grand.

Wise sage West of Ireland comedian man Ger Staunton joins me for human chats this week. In this episode we discuss purpose, picnics, portrait painting and having a pint in peace & quiet!

Reviewables #55 | Pimp My Podcast with Martin Angolo & Ger Staunton

Martin Angolo and Ger Staunton from the Canary in a Comedy Goldmine podcast join us in studio this week. Martin has suggestions for how Reviewables could be better and he’s even written an ad for us! Cian, Edwin and Ger are forced to try out Martin’s topical jokes for the listeners and we get a letter from Martin’s racist Liverpudlian neighbour. You’ve been warned.

Reviewables #5 | Colin Farrell Harassment Club with Ger Staunton

Ger Staunton on how a love of rubbish football led him to free pints in Belgium and the foundation of the Colin Farrell Harassment Club. Also we review the latest dance craze – The Awkward Bounce – and why are prisoners barred from reviewing their accommodation on Tripadvisor?

Comedy Podcast | The Comedy Cast with Irish Comedian Ger Staunton

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian, Ger Staunton. We kick off the interview and we speak about an Edinburgh preview show Ger had just performed in London.